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We offer a range of treatments to our clients in Alwoodley, catering to all types of hair care needs. Please view below for details on some of our treatments we provide at the salon. Please check back as we are always developing and changing our treatments, keeping up with the latest in hair care.



Kebelo, Advantage Smoothing Treatment




 Say goodbye to bad hair-days. With the advantage smoothing treatment, you get the ultimate hair for up to 100 days. This foundation treatment transforms dry, damaged, unruly, frizzy-hair to soft, smooth, shiny tresses. Creating stronger, healthier hair that looks and feels incredible.

We know how bad hair days can be stressful. We know years of styling and colouring can leave it prone to frizzing and how much time and effort it takes to keep it looking beautiful.

Those days are now over. 

With Kebelo’s revolutionary smoothing treatment you will get amazingly smooth, frizz-free, glossy, easy to manage hair. 

The Kebelo advantage smoothing treatment takes three simple steps. Cleanse, treat and maintain.

Using Kebelo pioneered carbocysteine hair technology that allows the treatment to support, strengthen and revitalise each strand from within, weak, dull, frizzy, unhealthy hair. Transforming your hair to beautiful smooth locks filled with bounce and volume. It only takes 1 hour to achieve perfect hair that lasts for 100 days, and you can have your hair coloured straight after.

This unique foundation treatment lets you lose the frizz whilst maintaining the bounce and volume, giving you even more styling freedom and an unbelievably healthy shine.


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