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 We offer a complete range of hairdressing services at our salon in Alwoodley that suit our clients' lifestyle and fashion needs.  Most of our clients regard us as their friends and advisors.

We pride ourselves in having some of the very best stylists in Leeds. They are fully trained, come with years of expertise and loved by our clients. Whatever style you are looking for we can help you achieve it and keep it looking great.

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Our Consultations  

Hair styling and cuts at Premier Hair in Allwoodley and North Leeds 


At the heart of every great style is communication. By getting to know you better we can understand what makes your ideal style. At the beginning of your appointment at our Hairdressers in Alwoodley, Leeds we will spend time listening to your ideas so we can develop an understanding as to the ‘Look' and style you are trying to achieve.  We can then discuss ways of achieving ‘your' style taking into account your hair type and lifestyle.







Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive to provide you with the full star treatment. A visit to our hair salon in Alwoodley should be a treat you look forward to. We want you to feel at home in a friendly, stylish environment and we hope we can exceed your expectations. If at any time during your visit you feel that we have not understood your requirements  or you have an issue then please let us know immediately. We will always work with you to find the most appropriate resolution and of course this includes free hairdressing to you until your issue is resolved.






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Cutting and Styling 

Before we make the first 'snip' we talk !

A pre-style consultation will take place with one of our experienced hair stylists and combine all your hair style ideas with our experience and suggestions. Together we'll agree a hair style and an approach that meets your personality and  lifestyle. We will discuss what you want from a style and any styling problems you've experienced in the past.

We will show you pictures that may suit you and talk about others that would not. The success of a cut or style depends on your hair type and the bone structure of your face. Our expertise will help you to prevent  "That haircut from that picture just doesn't look the same on me" issues people often experience.  We know that a haircut for one person will not always suit another.

Hairdresser services at Premier Hair in Allwoodley and North Leeds 






Hair Washing and Preparation.

The best results are always achieved  with preparation and that begins with cleansing and conditioning your hair. If your hair requires a little more “TLC” and special treatment our 'in-salon' treatments  are what is needed.  We always incorporate a gentle head massage, this ensures our products reach down to the roots of your hair and gently exfoliates your scalp. Many of our clients say this is the most relaxing part of the visit.

Hair washing and preparation at our showroom in Allwoodley and North Leeds



Blow Drying and Straightening.

We finish off your  hair style and cut with a combination of blow drying and straighteners to create the right combination of volume, gloss, body and smoothness .




Home Styling 

When you leave our salon we know that you are going to need the right products for your hair and an understanding of how to recreate the look we achieve for you in the salon.
 Statement haircuts, although dramatic, often require high-maintenance (a lot of time and a lot of products) which is why we take the time to explain what we do and what we use. To enable you to effortlessly recreate the style at home.






Men's Styling 


Men's Hairdresser at our salon in Allwoodley, Leeds 


We offer special rates for men at our hairdressers in Alwoodley, our highlights and fresh new style services are always popular. If you are looking for a haircut that sets you apart from the hair-clones and a style that shows you care about your appearance we'd love you to pop in and talk with us.
You will notice the difference with a haircut that has been styled around you and not from a 'template'.  You will quickly see that having your haircut stops becoming a chore and becomes a relaxing, indulgent experience. 







Bridal Hair Service

At Premier Hair we know how important it is to get your hair “just right” for your wedding day.  You want everything to be perfect and that includes your hair.

We will spend time before the big day to discuss your ideas and plan the style.  We will organise a wedding hair planning consultation and trial to discuss what you want for your special day .  We can work with whatever ideas you have and make sure that they match your dress, head-dress and makeup.

So why pick Premier hair for your big day?
We have undertaken many wedding day hair events and feel secure in the knowledge that we will make sure you have the perfect hair for your perfect day.

Bridal Hairdressers at our salon in Allwoodley and North Leeds 





We will always create a plan that involves timings and a schedule of events to fit in with your other commitments on the day. Whether we are creating a style just for you or for your bridesmaids and friends, we'll make sure that we know exactly what you want, have enough time and enough stylists to make everything stress free and perfect.

We'll then arrange for a trial run of the style before the big day to ensure you will be happy with the end result.

Wedding Hairdressers at Premier Hair in Allwoodley and North Leeds


 At Our House or Yours?

We prefer to do the styling in our salon in Alwoodley, Leeds as we have all the equipment to hand.  However, if you prefer that we come to your home instead, this can also be arranged.







Hair Colouring 


Hair Colouring at Premier hair in Allwoodley, Leeds 

The science of hair colour has developed over the years to bring us more vibrate long lasting shades.

Having the right colour can enhance your style and create the illusion of texture and dimension. By blending together colours, a great style and fashion you now have far more ways of making a statement about  your personality.

With the enormous range of products that are available today, you are no longer restricted to simply shades of blonde, brown or black.  You can experiment with different colours that match your favourite outfit, or perhaps even hide the odd grey.
Don't worry if you think it won't suit you or you are scared it will damage your hair.  Why not start off by choosing a colour that is close to your own shade or use a temporary colour that washes out after a few weeks.






 Can you do it yourself? 

Of course there are lots of home hair colouring kits on the market, but they don't always produce the desired results.  Without some care they can easily go wrong. A poorly done home colouring can be embarrassing and damage your hair.  A trained hairdresser is always a better option and can cost a lot less than you might imagine.

Hair Dye at our Hairdressers in Allwoodley and North Leeds

 Colour Correction 

It isn't unusual for clients to come to us with colouring disasters from DIY products or even other salons.  Don't panic!  There is lots that can be done and many ways that it can be fixed - from a gentle removal to a colour strip. We have lots of experience and can help you get back the colour you want.





How Does it Work

There are many types of hair colour product permanent or temporary or semi-permanent.  They are applied as a  powder, a liquid or in paste form and they have different effects on the hair.

The chemicals are designed to enter the hair's outer layer, and gradually penetrate deep into the inner layer, or cortex, which eventually changes the hair colour. The deeper these molecules penetrate, the longer the colour stays in the hair. We can control how deep these penetrate depending on what you want to achieve, your hair colour and condition.

However, the deeper the colour penetrates, the more after-care you need, such as protection from water and sun, so that the colour lasts longer and your hair stays in great condition.






Price Lists


 Colouring Service

Root Application                                          £36.00

 Full Head Highlights                                    £72.00

 Half Head Highlights                                    £62.00

Parting Highlights                                         £55.00

 Toner                                                               £20.00

 Full Head Colour                                 from £58.00

Ombre and Balayage                          from £98.00

Colour glossing                                            £45.00   

Colour correction/change               from £90.00       

Ladies Service

 Blow Dry                                                     £26.00

Bouncy/Long Hair Blow Dry                    £35.00
Extra Time Appointment                         

Cut & Blow Dry                                           £41.00

Wet Cut                                                      £32.50

Hair up                                                       £35.00

Milkshake Smoothing Treatment           £150.00

 Children's Service

 Girls Wash/Cut 8-16 years                       £20.00

 Girls Cut/Blow Dry 8-16 years               £32.00

 Childs cut 6-10 years                             £12.00

 Childs cut 0-5 years                               £10.00

Gents Services

  Head Shave                                     £10.00

  Under 22                                           £15.00

  Over 22                                             £22.00


Milkshake Mask                            £18.00

Olaplex in colour                          £10.00

Olaplex Standalone                     £25.00

Bridal Services

Bridal packages are available in salon get in touch to find out more





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